World of Warcraft

 World of Warcraft

As one of the most long-running and popular multiplayer online games in history, the world of Warcraft has a lot to offer new players. But with its sprawling universe and overwhelming variety, it’s not always easy to find your footing in the game.

One of the most important steps in getting started with a new WoW account is creating your character. Players must select a faction and race, both of which have a set of racial traits that impact a character’s appearance and grant them certain abilities. For example, a night elf will gain the ability to turn invisible and move faster while in spirit form, while a tauren will be able to take less damage from magic.

In addition to choosing a race and class, new players must also choose their starting zone. Each continent in the game is massive, and Blizzard has added several new expansions and zones over time to keep things fresh. For instance, a few years ago, the developer introduced limited dynamic level scaling to all of its old zones and expansions so that quests and monsters would scale to the player’s character.

The game also has a collection of different professions that the player can unlock and master, giving them access to a wide range of items. These can be used to aid a character in battle or sold to other players for in-game currency. Blizzard made big changes to how these professions work as part of the Shadowlands pre-patch in October 2020, making them easier to level and more fun than ever.


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