Wooden feeder “Le Garde Manger”


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This wooden feeder is a grease ball dispenser for garden birds.
Made from thermo-heated pine, this product has many advantages.
The alliance of the mesh allows to have a total opening on all the content. Several birds can therefore land and feed at the same time.

To prevent predators (e.g. cats) from disturbing the birds, place the fat ball dispenser at a height of 2 meters.
Wild birds must be fed mainly in winter and continuously because they will quickly get used to coming to feed in your garden. You will thus enjoy the magnificent spectacle of birds in freedom coming to peck at your home.
The dispenser can hold up to 4 scoops of fat (not supplied with the Pantry)
– In thermo-heated pine
– Rot-proof and recyclable
– very good thermal insulation
– resistant and durable
– French manufacturing, respectful of the environment
– can contain up to 4 scoops of fat (not supplied with the Pantry).


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