Tasmania 120 modular bird aviary


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The Tasmania 120 modular bird aviary is a practical bird cage designed to simplify the maintenance of the habitat of your small birds or parakeets. You can thus either set it up in “aviary” mode and offer them a single and unique space; or, if you want to limit reproduction or fights between them, mount it in the form of two cages with an internal separation grid.
This Tasmania 120 modular bird aviary is equipped with transparent plastic strips that trap dirt or droppings. Thus, it fits ideally hygienically inside your home. Equipped with 4 360° castors with brakes, you can easily move it.
– Extra large cage for birds and parakeets
– Removable separation grid: possibility of having a single large cage or two separate cages
– Equipped with 6 wooden perches and 4 stainless steel bowls
– 2 Wide “door-in-door” type access doors for easy cleaning and access
– Additional small door in each access door to accommodate a birdbath (not included)
– On casters, 360° rotation, with brakes
– Finish in black e-coating “Hammered aspect”
– Transparent plastic panels on all sides to keep dirt inside
– Removable metal trays for easy cleaning and metal bottom grids to prevent birds from escaping during cleaning


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