Litter Locker Fashion Bin


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Adopt the Litter Locker Fashion bin, for a daily life without bad smells! In addition, you will be able to combine functional comfort and design.

This bin allows you to store soiled litter in a practical, completely hygienic and odor-free way in your room. It works using multi-thickness bag refills. They contain a multi-layered plastic film, in the form of a tube, which hermetically traps odors, germs and bacteria thanks to Air-Seal technology.

The Litter Locker Fashion can hold up to 2 weeks of soiled litter and each refill lasts approximately 2 months for a cat.

Easy to use :

1. Open the lid and throw the droppings
2. Close the lid and pull the hatch
3. Release the trap door to trap odors

The bin comes with a refill of bags. You can find additional refills right here.

Colours: white
Plastic material


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