Dividable outdoor aviary for small birds


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The divisible outdoor aviary for small birds is separated into four compartments to allow different species to live together. It has two feeders and two drinkers, as well as perches and a pull-out drawer. Partitions can be removed. This aviary can be used both indoors and outdoors.
– Ideal for small birds such as canaries, exotic birds, wavy parakeets
– Aviary divided into 4 parts for the cohabitation of several species
– Each compartment has 2 openings: 1 front door and 1 front door
– With removable drawers for easy cleaning
– Plastic perch
– Metal feeder
– Grid: 25 x 25 cm
– Mesh thickness: 1.8 mm
– Distance between bars: 10 mm
– Drawer: 48 x 59cm
– Front doors: 20 x 20cm
– Side doors: 10 x 10cm


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