Just Dance 

Just Dance

The Just Dance series started on the Wii and has since been ported to a whole host of consoles. Each game follows the same basic premise of dancing with friends to popular music in your own home, whilst the movements you make are tracked and scored.

The fifth installment of the franchise was released in 2014 and brought a bunch of new songs to dance to, including hits from ABBA, Lady Gaga, One Direction, and Psy. It also introduced a ‘duet mode’ where two players could dance together following different avatars on screen.

In addition to this Just Dance 2023 brings several new features and improvements. A brand-new interface algorithm learns your dancing preferences and automatically curates pre-made playlists for you, making the experience more intuitive and personalized than ever before. A redesigned world dance floor offers more online multiplayer challenges for its 120 million fans around the world, and fan-favorite modes like Kids Mode and the calorie-tracking Sweat Mode return.

This edition of Just Dance also introduces a new way to play with your family, with the ability to add up to three extra players in the same room using the Family Multiplayer feature. Lastly, Just Dance Unlimited allows you to access additional content, such as a huge library of tracks, dances, and choreographies that can be purchased individually or in packs, on your console, PC or Mac.

Overall, Just Dance 2023 is a solid update to the simple party game formula that Ubisoft’s iconic franchise has become. Its tracklist is rock-solid, and with some dazzling visuals and the promise of more content to come, this will be a must for anyone who loves to boogie.


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